World Tolerance Summit 2019- Day 1
Do you want to know how football spread tolerance and coexistence?
Tolerance Through History - Ep 1
The World Tolerance Network Launch
World Teachers' Day
Translations serve as a bridge between global knowledge and different cultures.
A recent study reveals a link between tolerance and happiness!
One of the oldest mosques in the world, the Umayyad Mosque is a witness to history's great civilizations.
UAE... the land of tolerance
Launch of The National Experts Program
Dubai..A long history of tolerance
MoU singing between RTA and IIT
IIT Celebrates Mother's Day
MoU singing between MBRSG and IIT
AL Bayan Newspaper editorial team visit the International Institute of Tolerance
Program of Tolerance and Coexistence
First meeting of the Board of Trustees of the International Institute for Tolerance in Tolerance Year 2019
46th National Day Celebration
First-ever World Tolerance Summit which has been held in Dubai in November 2018
Tolerance summit Gala Dinner 2018
Dr. Hamad Al Shiekh Ahmad Al Shaibani during an interview on Sama Dubai TV
HE Al Sheibany during a speech about new technology & tolerance
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