HR Specialist Dubai - UAE

Job Description

Participate in carrying out, following up, and reporting all activities related to services and procedures of the human resources at the IIT

Technical Tasks:

•             Draft administrative decisions and circulars related to human resources in coordination with other stakeholders.

•             Develop and submit to the line manager plans and programs for Emiratization and building Emirati capabilities.

•             Plan human resources, develop their proposed budget, and submit to the line manager.

•             Carry out actions to recruit qualified staff.

•             Carry out orientation programs and provide appropriate services to newly hired employees.

•             Develop and improve the model of capabilities and skills.

•             Follow up on and report to the line manager the IIT performance appraisal process.

•             Follow up on development and growth of human resources internally and externally.

•             Develop and implement the career succession planning system.

•             Develop and improve job descriptions of different organizational units.

•             Prepare correspondences, letters and communications related to HR and submit them to the line manager.

•             Prepare lists of promotions, awards, and incentives of IIT employees and submit them to the line manager.

•             Provide, manage, and coordinate documents and requirements related to health insurance with the insurer in order for them to timely issue health cards.

•             Enter required data and upload documents in the system of the General Pension and Social Security Authority.

•             Enter required data and upload documents to the system of security clearances related to internal and external human resources.

•             Follow up on all activities related to sending job offers, signing employment contracts, issuing residence visas, carrying out medical fitness tests in coordination with stakeholders.

•             Hold and maintain an archiving system for all documents and files related to the human resources.

•             Respond to complaints and suggestions of employees, propose solutions, and report them to the line manager.

•             Perform any other tasks or delegations relevant to the unit assigned by the line manager.


Educational Qualifications:

•             Minimum bachelor’s degree in business management or equivalent from an accredited university. A master’s degree is a plus.


Professional Experience:

•             5-7 years of experience in human resources.


Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

•             Knowledge of the UAE strategy, Dubai strategy, and Dubai Plan 2021.

•             Knowledge of laws, rules and regulations applicable in the UAE.

•             Excellent knowledge of HR laws, rules and regulations applicable in the UAE.

•             Knowledge of labor laws.

•             Knowledge of government procurement laws in the UAE.

•             Excellent listening and speaking skills in Arabic and English languages.

•             Writing skills in Arabic and English languages.

•             Reporting and analytical skills.

•             Effective communication skills.

•             Human resources planning skills.

•             Talent development and building capability skills

•             Asset and property management skills.

•             Performance management skills.

•             Risk management skills.

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