International Expert in Tolerance initiative

International Expert in Tolerance initiative

The International Institute for Tolerance has launched the “Certified International Expert in Tolerance” program in cooperation with the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government. The programme is based on international charters and concepts. The materials and references were selected according to the set of initiatives launched by the UAE’s National Tolerance Programme.

The program has been divided into four units aimed at enabling the trainee to possess a set of knowledge and skills specialized in tolerance.


  1. Introduce the participants to the concept of tolerance, its importance, and types.
  2. Learn about the foundations and principles of tolerance.
  3. Review the concept of tolerance from the perspective of monotheistic religions.
  4. Introduce participants to global conventions on tolerance.
  5. Enable participants to understand the concept of tolerance and make it a part of their culture.
  6. Introduce participants to the health and psychological benefits of tolerance.
  7. Review the experience of countries that have applied tolerance and study how it has benefitted them.
  8. Teach about the role of leaders in spreading the concept of tolerance and its applications.
  9. Introduce participants to the difference between tolerance, mercy, and forgiveness as well as the association of tolerance with emotional intelligence, happiness and giving.


The duration of the program is 12 days, with sessions covering all the objectives. The program includes discussions and working groups to enhance and share experiences, brainstorming sessions, tolerance measure test, hosting guests to promote the program and concluded with a graduation project.


Evaluation process:

Evaluation of lecturer and panel discussion:

At the end of the discussion session, the program coordinator will distribute questionnaires to the participants to evaluate the speakers and topics. This enables the coordinator to study the participants’ observations about them and work towards developing them further.


Attendance on the scheduled dates is mandatory. Both attendance and absence are recorded by signing a special statement before the start of the session. A person who does not sign the statement will be considered absent from attendance on that day. A project coordinator from the Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government’s administration will send an attendance statement after each discussion session to the concerned party.


Each participant will receive a certificate of attendance for each completed session. At the end of the program, the participant who has met all the conditions (85% attendance and outstanding performance in the scientific projects and the final project required by the program) obtains a "Certified International Expert in Tolerance" diploma.

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