Studies and Policies Specialist Dubai - UAE

Job Description

Preparing policies, studies, and research plans for the Institute's activities, implementing them and proposing updates, improvements or modification


- Identifying policies and jurisdictive issues related to the Institute’s activities and specialization. Implementing plans under the direct supervision of the direct line manager.

- Preparing the annual studies and research plan, and presenting it to the direct line manager.

- Preparing studies related to the Institute and ensuring printing and publishing them in accordance with the approved plan.

- Suggesting policies’ updates to the Institute’s activities and specialization, and submitting them to the direct line manager.

- Reviewing the current legislation related to the Institute’s activities and specialization

- Proposing policies and initiatives that support the values ​​of tolerance, peace, coexistence and acceptance of others, and presenting them to the direct line manager.

- Proposing legislation aimed at instilling the values ​​of tolerance and moderation in the society and supporting the related intellectual and cultural output, and presenting it to the direct line manager.

- Submitting policy and legislative proposals to the government authorities concerned with legislation after obtaining the approval from the Institute's senior management.

- Following up the design, printing and dissemination of policies and studies with the concerned organizational units.

- Providing data and indicators related to the reality of local tolerance and its impact on the society, and ensuring that they are  available to concerned parties when needed.

- Any other functions or tasks related to the nature of the department’s work that maybe assigned by the direct line manager.


Educational Qualifications:

        At least a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration or equivalent. Preferably a Master’s degree from an accredited university

Professional Experience: 

         More than 7 years of experience in related activities.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: 

- Speech and conversation skills in Arabic and English.

- Writing skills in Arabic and English.

- Knowledge of local, Arab, regional and global legislation related to toleranc

- Being aware of methodologies of preparing public policies, manuals and frameworks issued by the concerned government entities within the country.

- Preparing research and studies.

- Effective communication skills.

- Report writing skills.

To apply, please send your CV, mentioning the job title in the subject line, to

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